(czech-slovak title: MIMI (Cesta Hrdinky)
director/writer: Mira Fornay

adventure family film, 83 min, color, 5.1
languages: Slovak, German, English
subtitles: English
presskit: She-Hero(Mimi)

World premiere

Berlin International Film Festival

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Romy is a brave little girl. She has a budgie called Mimi and Mimi got lost. Romy’s determination to find her budgie brings her out into the ancient woods, where she meets all sorts of everyday characters, each with their own story. She’ll not only make new friends along the way, but mainly she enjoys her adventure.

Vznik filmu finančne podporil Audiovizuálny fond
This film was produced thanks to the finantial support of Audioviual Fund


I dedicate this film to the children, forests and the river — for me this is the holy trinity of our human society. Without trees, water and children, we would no longer exist.

I’m not an environmental activist who demonstrates my desperation to save the planet by going to huge demonstrations or tie myself to trees (although I actually understand that). I prefer more non-invasive forms of activism. I’m an idealist and I believe film is here to change the world by telling a good sto- ry. The story of little Romy, is my tribute to the land of my childhood. I want to point out how nature is important in our lives. And how important it is espe- cially for children, their development and creativity. And I wanted to show the incredible wealth that we have around us and we don’t protect it enough.

I started writing She – Hero during the time of covid, when the forests around Bratislava became our only refuge. We all remeber those crazy times of lock- downs. I should be in Bratislava only for a short visit, but covid blocked me here for half a year. We went to the woods and to the Danube, and to my surprise it was as full pf people as the shopping malls. It was a fascinating time, full of for- est adventures. Although I do not have and do not want to have my own children, I love children and spent a lot of time with them. I spent a lot of time with my nephews and friends children during this period. And so our new film was born. I wrote it directly for Romy and Cypko, even though it is a feature fiction film.

Again, as in my previous films, I chose to work with non-actors. The chil- dren and I played a lot of games before the shooting and we played a game I created for children using the Hero’s Journey method (The Hero with a Thousand Faces by J. Campbell, 1949). Then came the more demand- ing part of the filming for the children, which took place in the summer 2021, so they had to give up holidays with their friends and families. They gave an adult performances, especially little Romy surprised us every day with her bravery and professionalism. She was my great support.

Since the project was spontaneous, we decided to go for it despite the incredibly small budget. The head of production (Zuzana Czaková) and I decided on a minimal crew and green filming. As a she – production manager, Zuzana was just magical. Simona Weisslechner (she – cinematographer) and I chose the dogma style: no lights or demanding camera equipment, and above all no equipment that would disturb the forest. We did all location scouting by bicycle, as we used to travel by bicycle for filming. Mimi is honest and pure eko green film and we are proud of it.

As well we are proud we are she – team as well as our protagonist is a little girl who beats the stereotype of fairytale princesses waiting to be rescued.

Post-production took more time because the war in Ukraine entered it and I asked my sound engineer for a "vacation". I became a volunteer for Ukrainian refugees for few months. This experiencehighlight the need for nature pro- tection even more, because everything is interconnected (https://www.cas- We finished the film the day before the Berlinale’s film entry :)

I believe that our story of little girl Romy will lead children and their parents to enjoy more time in nature and feel there– in na- ture – again at home. It is a human strategy to protect our homes so if we feel in nature again at home – we will more protect it.

She – Hero is not only family film. It is for all adults who still haven't stopped being curios children. And maybe those adults who are absorbed in the adult world - our film catapults those back into the world of their forgotten childhood.

Stories are an important part of our human world, just as nature is part of our homes. I hope that we will succeed in taking you to the land of childhood and you will dream and chill out with us a wee bit again.

Mira Fornay, 12. 1. 2023, Prague



Cyprián Šulej (11). At the moment, he enjoys playing various games the most – from Pokemon to Dungeons and dragons to Magic the gathering. He loves swimming, diving, he would spend the whole day in the sea or lake. In addition, he plays the cello and swordplay. He likes to play ping-pong and chess, sometimes he goes skating or just in the yard with a bunch of friends. He likes history and biology at school. When you offer him shrimp gyoza with sweet chili, it is possible that you will become his favorite.


Romy Willems (8) is a joyful energetic kid, she likes to climb trees with her friends at the Waldorf school, she builds bunkers. She is a lover of stories, she likes to watch them, listen to them, experience them and also read them. She likes to move, swim, dive, practice karate, gymnastics and her creativity on drama.


Klárka Kořínková attends the first year of high school. She enjoys theater and writing. She likes movies and is preparing for an conservatory under the guidance of female dancer now refugee Natália from Ukraine. Kalárka's family provided accommodation and support tor Natália and her entire family. Klárka likes to dance, has a dog Fredy and lovde to read books. And she act – acting is fulfilling for her and helps her fight with anxiety since covid.


SIMONA WEISSLECHNER she-cinematographer

Born in 1987, Simona studied photography at the School of Applied Arts and cinematography at the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Slovakia. She has collaborated as a cinematographer on a number of short films, most notably Green Wav (2015) by Martina Buchelová, which was screened at the Future Frames section at the Karlovy Vary IFF, an initiative to present new European talents organized by the European Film Promotion. Simona also has extensive experience as a first camera assistant on several Slovak, Czech and international productions – features, series, and commercials (The Wheel of Time, Whiskey Cavalier, Dracula). She has worked on projects by acclaimed directors such as Michel Gondry, Guy Ritchie or Darius Khondji. She is a member of the Association of Slovak Cinematographers. Currently, she’s a part of the camera team of the upcoming puppet stop-motion film Living Large by the Czech director Kristýna Dufková. She Hero (2023) by the Slovak director Mira Fornay is her feature debut as a cinematographer.

ZUZANA CZAKOVÁ she-executive producer

She worked as a project manager already during her university studies. She was an event manager and started working for TV shows. Recently, she has been working as a production and assistant director for films and TV series. She - Hero is her first as a production manager and executive producer

JAN ČENEK sound Designer

Jan Čeněk (1969, Prague). After graduating from the Jan Neruda High School (1987), he worked until 1999 in Czechoslovak, later Czech Radio as a technician, from 1990 then as a master of sound, especially in the music studio for chamber and symphonic music music. He participated in recordings and broadcasts of SOČR concerts and others orchestras and ensembles as well as on the production of various radio programs. At the same time, he studied sound production at FAMU (1989-97). He graduated sound for the feature film "Indian Summer" (directed by Saša Gedeon) Since 1991 he has created soundtrack for a number of feature, documentary and animated films for cinema and television. In 1996, he was at the founder of the company ”Bystrouška, studio sounds", which focuses on sound service for czech and foreign films and television production. It still operates under the brand today. Between 2008-2020 was a regular member of the teaching staff of the Department of Sound Production at FAMU, where he devoted himself to teaching specialized subjects and leading practical exercises.


Michal Kindernay is an intermedia & sound artist, experimental filmmaker, curator and performer. His audio-visual installations interconnect art, film, technology and science. He reflects ecological issues through various technological approaches in relation to nature environment. His works include video performances, interactive installations or experimental documentary projects or sound compositions. He is one of the founders or yo-yo non profit culture organization and initiator or RurArtMap project. He teaches in Prague College – MA Fine Art and in Centre of Audiovisual Studies in Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts (creative modules). As an organizer or artist he was involved in many international projects. He works and lives in Prague.




Mira Fornay


Mira Fornay


Director: Mira Fornay
Screenplay: Mira Fornay
Cinematography: Simona Weisslechner
Editor: Mira Fornay
Music: Michal Kindernay
Sound: Jan Čeněk
Costumes: Nataša Štefunková
Assistant Director: Adam Beran
Production Manager: Zuzana Czaková
Producer: Mira Fornay
Executive Producer: Zuzana Czaková